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What's getting in your way?

Stress, lack of time, too many responsibilities, lack of motivation, stuck in the diet-lose-relax-gain-diet cycle? 

You want to be healthy. You know what you need to be doing (sleep, water, exercise and nutritious foods), but you're just not doing it. 

You probably pay gym membership to encourage you to exercise. You may even pay slimming club fees to keep you accountable to your diet. You buy health magazines, vitamins, healthy snacks and new workout clothes.

But do you know the one thing you really need to keep up with healthy habits? The health mindset. Without the right mindset, you are just wasting money, time and energy on all that other stuff, while you're still not hitting your goals. This is where The Health Mindset Programme steps in!

The Health Mindset Programme, bought to you by Beyond The Bathroom Scale ® , is the new online platform for busy women struggling with fitting their health and fitness around a hectic life. Featuring workshops, courses and resources to help you tackle motivation, time, dieting mindset, body confidence, self love, emotional eating and more. 

What You'll Get

Video Workshops

Once you've logged into the Programme area, you'll have access to a wealth of video tutorials and workshops on a wide range of health roadblocks. We'll be covering motivation, time, dieting mindset, emotional eating and more.

Downloadable Workbooks

For each workshop there will be downloadable PDF workbooks and guides, packed with actionable advice to help you work through your roadblocks and put in place a plan that will actually work, because it's based on you and your life.

Monthly REviews & Check-ins

This won't be a case of 'join and forget', There will be monthly accountability check-ins to see how much progress you've made with conquering your roadblocks and identify any new issues. 

What's your health roadblock?

Health Roadblocks Quiz.png

Find out with the quiz...

Find out with the free quiz when you sign up to the The Health Mindset Programme's Waitlist.

This quiz is designed to be a bit of fun and a bit of a throwback to taking quizzes in teenage magazines (Ah, remember them days?).

In all seriousness, these roadblocks really can be a huge barrier to your health and fitness goals.

Within the The Health Mindset Programme, you'll find a course on each one of these topics (and much more) and will be able to tackle and overcome each one. 

Sign up now to the wait list to receive your free quiz and be the first to know when the doors to the Programme open, as well as benefit from early bird pricing. 



Is this programme for me?

This programme is for you if:

  • You're not motivated by Instagram images of fitness models working out and smoothie bowls.
  • You feel like you're constantly rushing around looking after other people and you realise you're letting your own needs slide. 
  • Unlike the #fitfam type, you have a life outside of the gym. A really bloody busy one. 
  • You know deep down that you can't crash diet for the rest of your life and you know that there's no quick fixes, but staying motivated is really hard.
  • You often self-sabotage - particularly after a stressful day.  
  • You set yourself goals but never meet them.
  • You struggle to remain committed to a healthy eating or exercise plan.

Is this programme a diet & fitness plan?

No, this programme is focusing entirely on improving your mindset, so that you feel able to follow (and stick to!) a fitness and healthy eating plan. However, I do collaborate with personal trainers, nutritionists and dietitians over on Beyond The Bathroom Scale ®, so you'll find lots of useful fitness and nutrition advice and resources over there. You can also sign up to our 12 Week Transformation System, which includes our free 12 week email course to compliment the 12 Week Health, Fitness & Wellness Planner.

When will The Health Mindset Programme start?

We're launching in September 2017. Initially doors will only be open to people on the waitlist, and waitlist members will also benefit from the early bird pricing. Once launched, you'll be able to join the Programme at any time.

How long will The Health Mindset Programme last for?

The programme is highly customisable and self-paced. When you enroll you'll have access to all of the main content and will be given a suggested 'roadmap' to guide you through the different bundles as well as monthly accountability check-ins, where we'll choose one particular bundle to focus on for that month.

However, you may find that there are some bundles you want to work on first, while others may be less of a pressing concern for you. You'll be able to pick and choose which ones you take and which in which order you work through them. You'll have access to the materials for as long as you choose to remain a member of the programme. 

How much will it cost?

Pricing will be confirmed nearer to the launch date, this September (2017). Payment will be taken monthly, as part of a subscription. You'll be able to join and cancel your subscription at any time.  Waitlist members will be have access to an exclusive 'early-bird' payment plan, which will give them huge savings over the course of their membership.

About Karen Oliver

Photography: Mark Hall Photography

Photography: Mark Hall Photography

Karen is married mum of one, Founder of Beyond The Bathroom Scale ®, Author of The 12 Week Health, Fitness & Wellness Planner and a writer for The Huffington Post.  

She has a passion for all things health and fitness and launched her award-winning blog back in 2012, having lost a lot of weight and reversing pre-diabetes & hypertension. Thanks to developing a health mindset, she has found a passion for cooking, weight lifting and yoga... and somehow manages to fit all this around parenting, caring for her parents and running a business. 

As a former social worker, Karen has been trained in counselling techniques, including a technique called Motivational Interviewing (MI). MI has been a big influence in the development of The Health Mindset Programme.